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NZPIF members!
Special offer to NZPIF members!

Latest news:

First Billionaire! Congratulations to Aleisha for becoming the Investment Game's first billionaire!. See full listing >>>

New Golden Guru! Congratulations to Renee, scoring an IIQ in three successive games and in so doing becoming a Golden Guru. See full listing >>>

News release: NZ Investment Game teaches students financial literacy. Read release >>>

New highest score! Congratulations to Robbie, scoring +$954 million in a 120 minute game! OUT  STANDING!  Who will be the first Investment Game billionaire? See full listing >>>

New questions and answers posted See >>>

First two players inducted into the Golden Gurus Club. Congratulations to Tina and Robbie. See >>>

Windows 7 users! - Note security features included in Windows 7 may cause registration and market data graph problems. To remedy this, to run the game highlight the Investment Game icon on your desktop, right click the mouse and click “Run as administrator”. 

Reviewed by Alistair Helm See review >>>

What players are saying. See comments >>>

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Improve financial literacy with the investment game
The Investment Game is an ideal way for children to learn about money management. 

"Started playing your Investment game with our 6 year old son, we love it – lots to learn. Congratulations on this game!" - David  

The NZ INVESTMENT GAME has been named the Best New Game of 2009.

Secondary schools Investment Competition 

Each year secondary schools play the NZ Investment Game to compete for team and individual prizes.  The competition is hosted by Massey University. For details of the 2010 and 2011 competitions click here >>>


Best New Game of the Year

The New Zealand Investment Game has been award Best New Game of the Year by the NZ Games Assn (link >>>). The Judging panel included students and teachers from a cross-section of New Zealand schools and regions. It also included two celebrity judges, Jim Mora and Judith Dobson (both avid family game players), plus highly respected educational and child psychologist Lynne Beresford. Frank Newman said he was absolutely delighted to win the award. "It's a credit to the team that worked on the project for two years to bring it to market, particularly to Kim Shepherd our IT specialist and Aaron Moore from Fix Creative who worked on the design features." - 5 November 2009

Review by Alistair Helm, realestate.co.nz

"As close to real investing as you can possibly get... far more challenging and engaging than Monopoly...more of an education that a pure game, however it does not lack that aggressive and at times manic pace of ambition which pervades any good team game." Read full review >>>

A must have for those serious about investing!

ContentS: Game board, playing pieces, dice, Getting Started card, Rules book,  sponsors material, game CD.The NEW ZEALAND INVESTMENT GAME is a new way of learning about the investment markets. Developed by investment writer, Frank Newman, this is more than a game - its an investment market simulation and just like real-time investing, but you learn without risking your money!

Within a few hours you will learn the very same techniques the super rich have used to build their fortunes. You will learn how to build a property empire like Donald Trump, invest in shares like Warren Buffett, or speculate on the derivative markets like George Soros.

Learn everything you need to know about investing in a fun and exciting way.

The game combines the traditional board game approach with the sophistication of a patented software package. No two games are the same and all of the paperwork is done for you, which gives you more time to get on with investing. 

he software also tracks every investment a player makes and provides a detailed report that rates a players investment decisions using a patented formula.
The game is played on a board and electronically using the game CD.
Online updates
mean you will always be playing with the very latest investment information and your software will be automatically updated with the very latest information. You can even create your own market models!

The INVESTMENT game is the complete package. Within a few short fun-filled ho
urs you will learn a lifetime of investment experience, and it's crammed full of educational tips - you can even ask for advice from Frank!

Take part in auc
tions, learn when to buy and sell property, how to finance purchases, how to manage debt, when to use debt and when not to, how to recognise undervalued shares, how to increase your savings, learn about Kiwisaver and which fund to select, and much more.

If you are serious about investing, you MUST HAVE the NZ INVESTMENT GAME!


  • Game board
  • Game CD (for PC)
  • Getting started card
  • Rule book, including strategy tips (42 pages)
  • Playing pieces and dice
  • Sponsors material.

Who should buy this game? 

  • Anyone wanting to become financially independent, 

  • Investors wanting to make better investment decisions, 

  • Those wanting to retire young. 

  • Parents wanting to teach their kids about good money management and wise investment.

Invest in the INVESTMENT GAME...

An invaluable education tool for students and investors. There is nothing else like it.

Secure your copy NOW!


REVIEW - INVESTMENT GAME gains 5 star rating

Sharechat.co.nz have given the INVESTMENT GAME a maximum five star rating, describing it as a "new-generation" of board game. "This is a positive way to learn about investing through experiencing real-life economic scenarios. The game empowers you to gain the confidence to make investment judgements and then take effective decisions regarding the use and management of your money." Read review >>>

The Hal of fame lists the best scores achieved

TOP most skilled (IIQ)

Aleisha 160
Warren 160
Renee 160
Tina 160
Robbie 160
CJ 159
George 155
Peter White 147
Helen 147
Zachie 143
Tom 141
Jonathan 140
Nigel 140
View full listings >>>
9 Ways to increase your score >>>
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Jim Mora
Jim Mora (Radio New Zealand) interviews Frank Newman about the NZ Investment Game. To listen click here >>>

Stdents playing the game at the Massey University Business Week

Students enjoying the game at Massey University.

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Take the outer path or divert into the employment income area.

Take the inner track to earn employment income and build a career; or take the outer track to make your fortune in the investment markets. 

The patented simulation software generates new market data at the start of each game, tracks your investment decisions, and records all transactions.

Insert the disk into your CD drive to autorun the installation.

A comprehesive guide and strategy tips.

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