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Making Money on the  New Zealand Sharemarket
3rd Edition
 by Frank Newman and Phil Briggs 

The best-selling guide to the New Zealand sharemarket, now revised and expanded to include the events of 11 September 2001 and much more.

This book is a fascinating insight into making money on the sharemarket. Frank Newman and Phil Briggs take the mystery out of the sharemarket. They show how you can maximise returns and beat the pros at their own game. It is the most revealing book ever written about the New Zealand sharemarket.

Their style is unpretentious, irreverent, and entertaining. This book takes the reader through all learning stages, from a beginner’s guide to advanced topics.  It’s the A to Z of the sharemarket. It has hundreds of interesting facts and facets that make the sharemarket so dynamic and fascinating.

The most comprehensive book ever written about the New Zealand sharemarket. 

It provides revealing insights and shows how the world’s most astute investors make money, and exposes the practices of directors and sharebrokers.

This book is an essential guide to buying and selling shares in New Zealand. It doesn’t matter whether you have $500 to invest, or $5 million. Anyone with an interest in the sharemarket will find this book invaluable.

A book every investor should have.

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 Paperback: 384pages