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Wild Cards

Wild Cards is three games in one providing varied play for all ages and any size group.

Wild Sense is a fascinating game of strategy.  Play individually or in teams of two or more.  It's fun, it's skillful and it's very competitive.

Wild Mania is a fast and exciting game that needs concentration and quick wits.  Can be played by three or more players.

Wild Safari has all the ups and downs of the real thing.  Players are on safari to save the world's endangered species.  A wild game designed for one player.

Excellent value at only $14.95 


Hours of playing fun for ages 6 to adult.
Can be played by 1 or more players or teams.  
Learn to protect endangered species while you play



International Publication Rights

International publication rights to Wild Cards are now available.  Inquiries should be directed to Pursuit Publishing (NZ) Limited or contact us at:

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